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As Salaamu Alaikum

Prayer Facility

Baitul Mukarram offers 5 time Salaah, Jummah Salaah & Madrasah Classes.

Mukarram Educational Trust



M.E.T is the name given to the Charitable Trust. We are a non-profitable trust.


Our Musallah

B.M. inaugurated in April 2014, with approximately 100 Muslim houses within 2-kilometer radius of its location in Roskill South. The location was perfect for Muslim community living around nearby suburb.


Our Madarasah

M.T.M is a Maktab class for our childern to learn his, her deen.

We at Madrasah tul Mukarram have adopted the South African syllabus. In this we do not only focus on teaching students how to read the Quraan but to be able to read correctly with Tajweed. Together with learning the Quraan, we also teach the Tasheel series. This series is a tried and tested series by the Ulama of South Africa.

Mukarram Welfare

A recent project of Mukarram Educational Trust Inaugurated on 16 June 2020. Discharge Sadaqa/ Zakaat/ Fitrana/ Qurbani(udhiya) in Poor countries. Mukarram welfare is promoting online service where anyone at any time can discharge sadaqa at the convenience of handphone.

Contact us

Imaam & Religious Advisor

Maulana Abdush Shakoor Salim
Phone: 020 4056 1550

Trust & Musallah Management

Ustaad Muhammad Kalam Alam
Phone: 0211237019

Madrasah Management

Maulana Muhammad Rayhaan Diwan
Phone: 021 0262 4169