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The Curriculum

The curriculum aims to provide rich and enriching learning experiences. It is one that encourages learning in an experiential manner. It covers the broad areas of:

  • Qur’aan and memorisation of selected Surahs

  • Aqaaid

  • Akhlaaq wal Aadaab

  • Fiqh

  • Seerah / Taareekh

  • Hadeeth

  • Du’aas

Qur’aan and memorisation of selected Surahs

This subject area focuses on providing the basic skills of Qur’aan recitation with Tajweed. 

Memorisation of at the lest the last 20 Surahs of the Quraan is essential, so that each student is able to read these surahs in their daily Salaah.

Aqaaid (Beliefs)

This subject area focuses on providing the basic understanding of the Oneness of Allah Ta’ala and explaining essential Islamic beliefs as well as imparting the core topics related to it.

Akhlaaq wal Aadaab (Good Character and Etiquette)

This subject area focuses on instilling in the learners the necessary knowledge of Islamic etiquette and behaviours. Not only are the core principles imparted to them, but also its application in current day situations.

Fiqh (Islamic Rulings)

This subject area focuses on instilling in the students the necessary knowledge of Islamic laws and practices of Islam. Its application in everyday situations is a central focus area.

Seerah / Taareekh

This subject area focuses on bringing the life and personality of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam as close to hearts and minds of the learners, so that they are able to emulate him, love him and be able to protect and honour his noble personality at all times.


This subject focus on the memorisation of the sayings and teachings of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Not only does this promote the preservation of this legacy but it also engenders love and obedience for his great personality in the hearts of learners.


The life of a Muslim revolves around remembering Allah Ta’ala at every turn and activity of one’s daily life. These are embodied in the various Du’aas which Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam has taught us to recite while carrying out our daily tasks. This subject aims at teaching learners these essential Du’aas in the life of a Muslim.

Tafseer (in the higher classes)

The Noble Qur’aan is the primary basis in the life of a Muslim. In addition to learning and committing it to memory, among the many duties we owe to the word of Allah Ta’ala is understanding it. This subject focus on teaching learners the broader meaning of a few selected passages of the Noble Qur’aan so as to appreciate and practice the message of Allah Ta’ala.